Safety Pins and the Brain

Safety Pins and the Brain

May 31, 2017

From a very young age I learned that we have five senses: sight, sound, touch, taste and smell.  These senses help us to detect what is happening around us, and for the most part allow our body to adapt to the sensory stimulus.Safety Pins and the Brain

If we sense the cold, our body will try to warm itself up by puffing up the hair follicles in order to trap surrounding air and warm it up close to the skin and it may shiver to warm the body.  When there are bright lights the muscles surrounding the eyes will squint, and the muscles within the eyes will constrict.  If we eat poorly tasting, off food we will detect this and, hopefully, spit it out or if it passes through the first port of call in the mouth, our body, rather than digesting this food will try to ‘eject’ from either end of the body.

Our sensory nervous system dictates the type of motor response that is required for your body to survive.  What though would happen if there was not a good connection from the body to the brain (sensory) and then the brain back to the required part of the body (motor)?

Would some children become restless at school, find it hard to learn or develop?  Would some people be continually sick; always run down?  Whilst others would have poor digestion?

This is what Chiropractors over the years have termed the Safety Pin Cycle.

Picture a safety pin, with the spring at one end (the body end) and the larger head end (the brain end) where the sharp section of the pin become secure.

When the pin is safe and clasped, this is much like a sound, secure communication pathway between your brain and body. A complete circuit if you like.  There is alignment, the body will function well, and it is at ease.

Once the pin is unclasped, this is much like mis-alignment of the vertebra. There is an incomplete circuit between the brain and the body. This will lead to poor communication in the body – brain circuit leading to dys-function and dis-ease.

Such a simple concept to explain such a complex mechanism.

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