Hip Pain & Sciatica Treatment Chatswood

Symptoms and Most Common Causes

The hip and the sacroiliac joint of the pelvis are closely linked in their proximity and when suffering pain or discomfort in these regions they can closely mimic each other.

They do however have subtle differences in the presentation. The ability to differentiate becomes important, saving you from undue intervention, procedures and stress.

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Hip Pain

  • This is usually pain around the Hip and Groin both at the front and the back
  • Hip Stiffness and reduced motion
  • Limping and difficulty walking especially
  • Swelling and tenderness over and around the hip
  • Difficulty sleeping on the Hip/ on your side.

Sacro Iliac Pain

  • Usually, a diffuse pain into the buttock and low back
  • Difficulty bearing weight when getting up from a chair/ out of a car
  • Usually painful for the first few steps when initiating movement, then eases
  • Difficulty straightening
  • Can refer pain down the rear of the leg (not past the knee); into the groin; or ovary/ testicular region

Sciatic Pain

  • Pain originating from a spinal nerve segment that combines to form the large sciatic nerve.
  • Pain radiating down the rear of your leg – the path of the Sciatic nerve. This can feel intense, even ‘electric’
  • Sciatic pain with run into the buttocks, down the back of the leg and sometimes even into the feet & toes. This depends upon the origin of the nerve impingement.
  • This pain can be accompanied by tingling, pins and needles, weakness or numbness.
  • Can be excruciating when sitting or standing. Over time it can create weakness of the affected leg
  • In rare circumstances can cause loss of control of the bladder and bowels
Sciatica Treatment Chatswood

Causes of Dysfunction

What you do in day-to-day life; your good habits and your bad; your lifestyle; exercise and movement patterns; injuries; even carrying and sitting on your wallet in your back pocket or carrying children on one hip can all influence the hip, the pelvis and the sacro iliac joints.

This can affect their function and result in their dysfunction. Even postural issues of the upper body can lead to lower back and pelvic alignment with changes here being the cause of hip problems and sciatic pain. As is seen in the lower back, these are all physical stressors to our body, either microtrauma or macrotrauma.

As you twist in your day-to-day movement or sit off to one side whilst at your desk or curled up on the lounge, you are creating imbalances and twists in your pelvis.  As this affects the pelvis and the sacro-iliac joints, it will also affect the joints immediately above (the spine and vertebra) and below (the hips, knees, ankles and feet) them. This can result in a combination of problems and their resultant symptoms.

Even though you are then suffering extreme hip pain, it could be a twist in the pelvis creating uneven hip wear and tear that is the cause your hip pain.  You could simply inject the hip, treat the musculature surrounding it, or even replace the hip.  You are still left with an imbalance and history will inevitably repeat itself!
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Family Chiropractic Chatswood Approach

We have found that it is essential to properly evaluate and differentiate hip, sacro-iliac and sciatic issues. At Chatswood Chiropractor our goal is to look after each case individually.

Firstly, the goal is to ease the pain and get you moving and functioning better. Our next phase of care is to then work with our patients to slow the degenerative process and prevent further flare ups in the future.

Our approach to care is to firstly determine if Chiropractic care is right for you. By taking a thorough history and assessment, then progressing into a goal centred, gentle and affective care plan has allowed many people get back into and enjoy the life that they were designed to live without the need for drugs or surgery.

Let us help get you and your lifestyle back on to your feet. To help you to Get Better, to Stay Well and to Feel Alive.

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