Children’s Chiropractor Chatswood

Kids’ Health Treatment by Family Chiropractic Chatswood

During childhood and adolescence, our neurology grows and expands at an unprecedented rate. Every living experience is sensed through our neurology, is processed and absorbed.

This experience of life through our senses, through our neurology sets the stage and forms a foundation for our life and our experiential development.

Depending upon how we act as children, combined with how those around us and the environment acts, through the challenges and new experiences that we encounter growing up can help us or hinder us in the growth of our neurological muscles. 

Children Chiropractor Chatswood
Children Chiropractic Chatswood

Children’s Future Health

Top researchers have discovered that our experiences around food, movement and exercise play a massive role in our future health and even our susceptibility to disease processes as we age!

Developing a healthy child isn’t easy. Modern day living is fast paced, with kids these days growing up in a world full of continual change and the need to be able to adapt. 

From lugging around school backpacks laden with books and electronic devices, to the hours spent on those same devices both with school and being ‘social’ on social media and everything in between.  Modern living has created its own modern dilemmas for our young developing population.

Pediatric Chiropractor Chatswood

Chiropractic Care for Kids

Our child friendly approach to Chiropractic Care has benefitted our youngest patients with colic, acute torticollis, digestive issues and birth related trauma through to our older kids who have had issues with poor posture, energy, co-ordination, being constantly sick, asthma, learning difficulties, ADD/ADHD or have been on the autism spectrum.

Our approach to looking after and the examination of kids is child and age specific. Family Chiro in Chatswood is not only set up to run age specific physical, and neurodevelopmental examinations, we also run specific non-invasive computerised nerve function testing utilising the Insight Scanner.  This allows us to see how your child’s nervous system is functioning, adapting, and developing.  As they go through care, it can also give us the insight as to how it is healing.

The use of Activator Methods Chiropractic Technique on these children, of which Dr. Brett is a qualified instructor, helps to provide a gentle, safe chiropractic technique with a controllable amount of force applied to growing bones.

From our belief and experience as both parents and care givers; parents, grandparent and carers who are proactive about health and wellness can make a huge difference in the growth and development, and eventually the future lives of our children. After all, “you never know how far reaching what you think say or do today will affect the lives of those tomorrow.”