New Patient Special Introductory Offer

Get Your Initial Chiropractic Consultation Including:

  • Your Case History & Examination
  • Spinal XRays (if indicated)
  • Second Visit Explanation of Your Results & Recommendations
All for $69 (Full Fee $250)

To Take advantage of this offer:

Either Call (02) 9415 4606 and speak to our wonderful staff who can help you to find a convenient time (please be sure to ask for the ‘Internet Offer’) or Simply Click the Book Online button below to find a time that suits you.

The Fine Print:
  • Only Valid to new clients of Family Chiropractic Chatswood
  • Please be sure to mention this offer
  • This offer does not include any treatment

New Patients at Family Chiropractic Chatswood

What to Expect on Your First Visit

You should know that this visit is all about you. We are going to talk about you; your health concerns; your health challenges; your health goals. We are going to listen to your story. We want to know exactly what is going on with you, so that we can first determine if you are in the right place. And if you are, exactly what examinations need to be done in order to serve you best.

Plan of Action

Our care is based upon two things: Your health goals and our examination findings. When these marry up, your care progresses successfully. Care though does not just exist inside the clinic. There are many things that you will need to know and do in your life outside of the practice. This is why we have designed a ‘Three Legged Stool’ approach to care involving (i) Chiropractic adjustments in rhythm (ii) ways in which to break damaging bad habits and replace them with new positive ones (iii) at home rehabilitation exercises to help retrain your body to the new improved you.

We Don’t Guess, We Measure Your Progress

We don’t ‘guesstimate’ care. The Chiropractic care delivered at Family Chiropractic Chatswood is continually measured from the very first examination. Throughout care, re-examinations are scheduled at specific intervals, a bit like a stop and check. This ensures that all patients are progressing as expected. These examinations are looked forward to by patients and they often remark on their progress even before we get to present their findings to them. These are done via physical re-examination and computerised neurological Insight Scanning technology (Heart Rate Variability, EMG & Thermal) which produces a CORE Score.