healthcare lessons from easter bunny

Healthcare Lessons from the Easter Bunny

Apr 3, 2018

Teamwork – the combined efforts, or the actions of a group, to achieve a common purpose or goal.

I can remember Easter as a kid.  Befohealthcare lessons from easter bunnyre there were scout camps and school cadet camps.

Easter was time away with our family.  Mum, dad and my two brothers.  And yes, there would be an Easter egg hunt…when we were younger.

That would be a free for all between myself and my two younger brothers.  A running race to see who got up first, who collected the biggest eggs and who got the most eggs.  Our pile was coveted.

The Easter Bunny soon got the wiser and placed a pile of eggs at the foot of our bed.

That didn’t stop us though as we would raid each other’s pile of eggs rather than eating our own.  Or, on the odd occasion we would eat ours so quickly so as no one else could consume our prized loot.  After all we could not miss out.  Maybe that is why we were enrolled in cubs and scouts. To ship us away at Easter so as mum and dad had less to deal with come the time of the Easter Bunny.

I look at my own kids, and their Easter experience is the complete opposite of our bash and crash Easter Egg hunt (as brief as it was) was like.  Since they were young, they would both hunt for the eggs left by the Easter Bunny together.  They would devise a plan as they went from room to room in the house, ensuring that each one had left no stone unturned.

One would search high, the other low; one would take the right side of a room the other the left; they would confirm where they had searched, and then double back through the room just to make sure nothing was left behind for dad.  From there it was on to the next room, and the same systematic, methodical search for eggs took place.

At the completion of the search, they would unload their spoils, lay them out and count them, and then divide all of the eggs out evenly.  They would work as a team so as both would benefit.  Once done, the Easter eggs would be placed in a container and into the fridge.  They would not cross the line and eat each other’s eggs, just their own.

So different from my own childhood experience, yet so refreshing.

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