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Your Child’s Diet

Jul 6, 2022

Mental junk food You Are What You Eat

Is your child’s diet effecting their health; their learning and development; and their mood and demeanour?  I’m not talking about the food that they place in their mouth, but the food and information that they feed their brain with.

The statement ‘we are what we eat’ is commonly reserved for the description of the importance of making sure the food we consume is beneficial for our body. Concerned parents make sure that they feed their children nutritious foods and those parents who are chiropractically educated realise that certain food substances have a huge effect on the creation of subluxations.

There is another form of ‘junk food’ that is equally devastating to our children’s present health and in fact the state of our society. A study published over 20 years ago supports what many have suspected all along. Violence in the media can have a profound effect on the behaviour of children and teens. The article published in the Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry April 2001; 40:392-401 maintains we have a generation of kids who have been abandoned to the electronic baby-sitter.

Of note, this study came out prior to the iPhone, the iPad, or the widespread use of the internet!!

From this study

TV violence was associated with aggression among children as young as 4 years. Young children are more vulnerable because they cannot distinguish between fiction and reality.

Adolescents, who watch music videos, listen to the radio and watch television movies more frequently than their peers appear to have sex at younger ages and are more likely than other adolescents to drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes and marijuana and skip classes at school.

Some studies indicated that listening to violent and sexually explicit music can desensitise children to violence and promote sexual stereotyping.

Media did not only influence the way young people behaved outwardly. Violent or scary television programs or movies were found to cause nightmares, anxious feelings, withdrawal from friends and fear of being alone, among adolescents as well as younger children.

What Does Your Child’s Mental Diet Consist Of?

A ‘diet’ of destructive messages program people for destructive behaviours starting with their self. Every thought affects every cell and every function of our body and a person will not enjoy harmony in his/her body and life if their nerve system is carrying anti-life messages. Chiropractors have long observed that when subluxated, people think, feel and do behaviours that are aberrant and lead to less health, happiness and life.  To assist in enhancing your child’s wellbeing, ensuring that they grow vibrant, healthy and strong, contact us on 9415 4606 and book an appointment with our experienced children’s chirorpactors.

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