why some people always get sick why do others stay healthy and strong

Why Some People Always Get Sick

Jan 25, 2022

One of the greatest things that I have had to ponder over the past 25 years is why do some people always get sick and on the flip side why do others stay healthy and strong?

Let’s answer that commonly asked question with an analogy:

The Garbage Can

Picture garbage can. That garbage can, if it’s like yours or mine, gets used every single week and after what gets dirty. Over the last summer, because of the heat, the Christmas seafood and waste there were flies and eventually maggots around the bin.  And I bet you that if I left that bin for long enough, we would also start to get cockroaches and we might even attract some vermin such as rats.  Now, if I keep that going and keep adding garbage, I can spray the garbage can with pesticide, but overtime again move cockroaches will come, flies become attracted, even vernal will come back. So you need to keep spraying that garbage can.

The sensible thing is to empty the garbage can, and once emptied you can thoroughly clean and cleanse the garbage can and wash it down. It makes senses, doesn’t it?

By doing this (common sense!) the likelihood of attracting flies and vermin, plus the flies laying larvae, will not occur.

The likelihood decreases.

Will the flies hover around the garbage can? Yes, they will, but they will not lay larvae and they will not start to breed.  We want to keep that garbage can clean, so then the surrounds stay clean, your house stays clean, and you don’t get pests attracted to your house.

…but how does this relate to us?

The same can be said for your body.  The people who always get sick, they are like the dirty garbage can.

They might not have a great diet; they might be rundown; overstressed; they don’t exercise; they sit on the computer for too long; don’t move; too much TV;  their lifestyle is not good; and they can grow to become what is called immunocompromised.  This will lead to an increased likelihood of them attracting germs, or bugs, or viruses, which makes them sicker and more rundown.

On the flip side, if we start to clean our body; if we start to cleanse it; if they start to lead what I would term a ‘chiropractic lifestyle’ such as a better diet; more exercise; more movement; less TV;  less computer time; get adjusted frequently; more vitamin D; and so on. Our body will remain robust, healthy and strong.  The likelihood of you becoming sick and run down decreases. After all, we want you to be a ’badass human’ being. I don’t really want to see a ‘badass virus’ attacking humanity.  At the end of the day, if you are sick and rundown life becomes extremely hard, however if you are healthy and strong life becomes easy.  Chiropractic care keeps you strong.

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