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Why am I a Chiropractor?

Oct 31, 2019

People often ask why I am a Chiropractor, or what got me into Chiropractic. The answer is quite simple – I wasn’t fulfilling my potential.

I loved sport as a kid, and still ’til this day do. I however also got injured. So much so that it became painful training and competing. I found it hard to roll and pull on one shoulder whilst swimming; I had to tackle off of one shoulder in rugby; and surf boat rowing…well, injury kind of came with the territory. I kept on going to the physiotherapist, getting ‘fixed’ then was back out again doing what I loved.

Except that there was a void.

A void where I could not push through and reach the levels where I was competing and where I would like to be competing. My injuries were supposedly ‘fixed’ (except they were now ‘niggles) but my body wasn’t performing.

My girlfriend at the time (now my wife!!) suggested I go and see her Chiropractor. What he said blew my mind, and it made so much sense to me. He talked about the brain and how it controlled the body, and then it communicated with the body via the spine and the nervous system.

This made sense. I couldn’t really argue there.

He then said that if there was any nerve system interference, via the vertebral column, then that nerve message would not fully get through.

Still making sense.

He then went on to say that that is why I could not reach my potential; why I kept re-injuring myself; why I had to train harder for a smaller incremental improvement; and his list went on. The rest is history.

Thank you Ivanka for leading me to Chiropractic and Dr. Anthony Richards for telling me the Chiropractic story and for inspiring me to become a Chatswood Chiropractor.


Where does yours lie, and what is holding you back from reaching yours? Discover Chiropractic and reach you inborn innate potential.

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