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What’s THAT in MY Food?

Mar 20, 2021

Peanut Butter, pretty much a staple in our household since I was a child.  For years I assumed that the ingredients were simply peanuts.  To me that would make sense.  That is until I saw more and more brands of peanut butter on the shelf and saw that some brands had a layer of oil on top, whilst others were more like a paste.

It was at this stage that I learned about reading labels.

I quickly realised that what was in peanut butter is not 100% peanuts.  There are additives within that tiny jar of yum! You see pure peanut butter has…the layer of oil.

I could understand things like salt and oil, but when it came down to numbers being on the jar, I started to think ‘what am I actually putting in my mouth, and more importantly, what am I fuelling my body with?’

I this video I tackle the issue of Stress, and in this case Chemical Stress.  Particularly the additive found in one of our leading brands of Peanut Butter.

Additive 320.

This is one of many additives found in our food.

What does it do? Where does it come from? What are the effects upon our body? Is it banned from being used in any countries?

Every day, most of us will consume foods with additives, preserving agents, chemicals or artificial ingredients (as compared to natural whole food) in one form or another.  And yes, if your food comes with a label, more than likely you are consuming these.

You are what you eat.  Every additive will affect your body, and eventually your health.

“‘If it came from a plant, eat it.  If it was made in a plant don’t.” Michael Pollan

Watch the Video above and find out what this one simple additive has the ability to do to our body.

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