What Causes Back problems

What Causes Back problems?

Jul 1, 2023

Have you ever considered that the most significant solutions to your health problems might be lying within you, in your daily habits and lifestyle?

The Impact of Back Problems in Australia

Back problems affect over 3 Million Australians with it being the number one non-fatal disease burden in this country for quality of life.  Back problems cost us financially (to the individual and the country’s health care budget), physically and emotionally.  They stop us from getting enjoyment from life.

What if I told you thought that it is you, and what you on a day to day basis, who causes your back problems. The solution then rests within you. It is you who hold the key to change them. What you do, how you do things, what you do not do, your habits and your lifestyle all create the back (and health) problems that you have today and into the future.

Your Pathway to Freedom from Back Problems
The role of muscle dysfunction in low back pain - Backspace

What can you do to change, and even prevent problems from occurring in the future?

The answer is not always what can you do, but more so what can you stop doing!  Too many times people are after a silver bullet, the ‘one thing’ that they need to do to change. 


Habits are the first thing that need to change.  The simplest of these to change is how you stand and how you sit.  When clients ask what they can do at home to assist in care, this is the advice that they are given.  We are looking to make lifestyle changes for the lifetime of a client, so as they can get better, stay well and feel alive.

Try this:

Sitting is similar.  Sit upright with your weight evenly distributed between each of the ‘sit bones’.  That means not sitting off to one side; not sitting with one leg under your buttocks; not sitting hunched forward or backwards.  Simply upright with your weight evenly on both sit bones.

The advice is quite simple.  Whilst standing, stand evenly on both feet, bearing your weight throughout each foot.  That means not standing off to one side; not standing with legs crossed, not standing with one leg in front or behind the other.  Stand with feet at shoulder width (or just inside) apart with your weight evenly distributed between each leg.

Too simple?  Make the change and continually practice this simple exercise to experience huge differences to your health, your lifestyle and your life.

Conclusion: Embrace the Simplicity of Change

The changes you need to make might seem too simple, but it’s the simplest things that can lead to significant transformations. Implement these small changes and watch your health, lifestyle, and life improve drastically. Remember, the best health practices are often simple and sustainable ones.


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