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Top 5 Computer Ergonomic Mistakes Corrected

Apr 29, 2021

Over the past 25 years, there have been quite a few changes in technology.
Microsoft dominated the market way back in 1994 with the introduction of Windows for our PC’s; then came laptops; computer monitors became flat screens; computers become a lot smaller with the advent of iPhones and smart phones ;then came iPads and tablets. 

Technology changes quickly, and we adapt…or try to.
These changes have brought upon us a number of new problems.  Issues that I did not seen in the human spine 25 years ago. 

Degenerative and arthritic conditions usually seen later in one’s life, I am seeing in people in their 20’s.  I am now, over the past 2 years, seeing bone spurs (think the same as ‘heel spurs’) at the base of the skull that I have never ever seen before.  These spinal issues certainly affect our neurology and our physiology, changing the way in which our body works. 
The common denominator in which these issues occur is HOW we are using the equipment, and the amount of time that we are using it for.  I have mentioned in a previous post how to use your mobile device correctly and how to break up your time at your desk through movement.  In this video I would like to touch base on 5 Simple Hacks to ensure that you are set up right to use your computer workstation properly, be it at work or at home. 
Listen in as I take you through some of the most common things that will pop up in practice discussion with clients and their computer set up.

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