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The ONE Problem with a Standing Desk

Feb 23, 2021

“A Standing Desk or a Sitting Desk – what should I use?”

I get asked this question daily. They are both great as long as they are used correctly. Even though sitting has been coined to be the new smoking, is standing the answer? Is it just enough to take ourselves from the seated position to stand all day?

Take it from me, standing all day can become quite tiring, and in many cases old habits die hard.

Here is the ONE THING that I recommend to every person who is seated for work.

You see, once people are standing as a whole they tend to think that the problem of posture and sitting is fixed.

I hate to break the bad news, it is not!

There are so many other variables with it.  There is though one ESSENTIAL piece of information that is always left out.  It is NOT about whether you are standing or sitting.  It is about how you hold yourself in space (aka your posture) and how much you move.

Click on the above video as I discuss the essentials, and answer the question – should you sit or stand.

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