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The Greatest Mistake I See People Make at the Gym

Feb 18, 2021

More often than not people go to the gym to…go to the gym.

They forget that in order to remain strong and even to prevent injury that they need to apply what they do at the gym to day to day life.

After all we are 3 Dimensional being live in a 3 Dimensional world. We need to be able to (a) do 3 dimensional exercise and (b) know how to apply and incorporate the exercise that we are doing at the gym into our world and our lifestyle. This is what I term ‘Applied Exercise’.

What do I mean by this? Whilst at the gym, in your head learn to apply the why and the how of a squat. For example, we actually squat every day. Every time we go from standing to sitting and vice versa we undertake a squat movement. Why then is the squat that we do when sitting on a chair or the couch so different to the squat that we train for at the gym?

Whilst at the gym, get it into you head that as you do a squat, you are also saying to yourself, “I am sitting on the lounge”, or “I am getting up of the lounge.”

Try these simple tips to bring your gym workouts home.

Reframe the Way You Work Out.

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