The Doctor Said What

The Doctor Said What…

Aug 2, 2016

I sat in the doctor’s office in disbelief. He had just said “you are going to have to take these for the rest of your life.”

I thought that there had to be a better way, a different way.

“The rest of your life” rang through my ears like an echo in a canyon, repeating again and again. It didn’t sound right. I was young, I was invincible. It was only a another seizure.

The thing that I felt that had caused these seizures, just like the ones from my childhood, was issues with my lifestyle. Things I was doing to trigger them. I was doing things to my body that it could not cope with. My lifestyle and the way in which I was living my life was creating these seizures.

I questioned the doctor, “so what if I change my lifestyle, as what I am doing seems to be causing these seizures, lifestyle stress.”

His response was quick, “ah yes, but your seizures are genetic”.

Again I absorbed this, and gave a quick reply, “that may be so, however you do not have any of my family history as I am adopted and you have not done any genetic testing on me. Could these seizures be epigenetic?”

He quickly tried to dismiss my comment with a derogatory “if you believe in that stuff” comment.

No substance and no answer.

I was sick of taking medication, sick of the side effect (actually the effects) of the medications. The rashes, the dark thoughts, the aggressive behavior, the tiredness, the sore eyes. There had to be a better way. Not just for me, but for all people.

People who are brought into a medical paradigm of the health (or should I say sickness) care model. They are told that there is no other way…yet there is.

The medical paradigm relies upon the removal of essential organs, or the prescription of tablets. In a paper by Hyman et al, they state that a change is required in the medical paradigm of thought, a change in which lifestyle becomes the cornerstone of healthcare.

Hyman et al concluded that 1.9 trillion dollars could be saved on the treatment of chronic lifestyle diseases alone (heart disease, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, prostate and breast cancer) because adopting a healthy lifestyle prevents illness and gets sick people well.

You see, there is a better way.

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