The Cost of Maintenance

The Cost of Maintenance

Aug 2, 2016

I was reading my local paper the other week and noticed the following headline:

$3.4 million maintenance backlog for Davidson High and Barrenjoey High

Wow! That is a hefty bill!

I couldn’t figure out why hadn’t they just maintained these schools over time. I am sure that you would think the same!

I wonder what the maintenance fee would be if there had been continual upkeep of these schools?

Or more to the point, what is the true cost of the maintenance not being up kept?

What do I mean by this?

There is obviously a financial cost for the continual upkeep of the school and it’s facilities. What though is the cost upon the students attending the school to not have the proper facilities to learn – has their education and learning been affected or even limited? As a result, have these children not been able to achieve what they would have liked, limiting their own quest for further education, occupation or earning capacity?

Has the use of outdated and neglected facilities had an effect upon the way in which the teachers teach, their enthusiasm, their passion? Has every day been like ground hog day for them?

I know and appreciate that taking care of things has a financial cost. If you are anything like me, you ensure that you get your car serviced in the hope of preventing it from breaking down; you brush your teeth in the hope of not getting tooth decay; you might also mow your lawn or have your house painted or carpets cleaned to maintain your home.

…and you end up paying for these ‘expenses’ out of pocket.

Your health insurance does not pay you to brush your teeth (and only cover some aspects of a six monthly dental check up); your car insurance definitely does not pay for you to get your car serviced, petrol being placed in the engine or for your car to be cleaned; and your home and contents insurance most certainly does not pay for you to maintain your home.

But, you do these things anyway.


Because the cost of doing this form of maintenance far outweighs than the cost of doing them. Not just financial, but in terms of time, convenience, lifestyle, livelihood, and emotional satisfaction.

My question to you is: What is the price you put on your health? What is the cost of losing your health? Again, not just the financial cost, but that in which poor health can effect relationships with loved ones; your work/ school/ sporting performance; your state of mind; or your demeanour just to name a few?

Don’t let the way in which you look after your health get to the same predicament as two of the Northern Beaches’ largest public schools.

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