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The #1 Mistake Mobile Phone Users Make.

Mar 16, 2021


There is one thing that has changed immensely in my 25 years of practice.


Especially the Smart Phone.

We have immersed ourselves into a smart phone culture.  Some might say we are more connected to the outside world than ever before, whilst at the same time being more disconnected from each other.

With technology there are also problems.

Problems that I did not see as a Chiropractor when I first started out in the late 90’s. Problems with us adapting to the use of technology.  New names for technology related conditions such as ‘Texting Thumb’ and ‘Tech Neck’.

The more time we spend on devices, the increased likelihood of long term anatomical structural change, and as a result physiological change. That means a change in the way in which your body is designed to work and function.

Symptoms such as headache, sore shoulders, neck and back pain are just the tip of the iceberg.

There’s a reason for this and in this short video I’ll tell you what it is and how you can correct it.

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