Slow Down and Reverse the Degeneration Process

Take Control – Slow Down and Reverse the Degeneration Process

May 23, 2019

Slow Down and Reverse the Degeneration Process

The dreaded degenerative disc disease. Well, it may not be so dreaded after all. You may be surprised to learn that degenerative disc disease is a part of the normal ageing process. As we age, our discs lose some of their water content and become less supple. This makes them appears darker on an MRI. And when they appear darker on MRI, you guessed it; they are labeled as degenerative.

Just because all of us will experience degenerative disc disease as we age doesn’t mean that process is the same for everyone. Research has shown that by taking a pro-active approach with your spinal health, you may be able to slow down and even reverse the degenerative process.

New research has shown that degenerative changes accelerate on joints that aren’t moving correctly. We encourage you to take control of your spinal health with exercise, stretching, and chiropractic adjustments. By keeping your spine moving, you will have the best opportunity to slow down the ageing process while feeling great every step of the way.

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