Super Bugs or Super Sick

Super Bugs or Super Sick?

Sep 25, 2018

I was sitting in a café this morning after dropping off my daughter to school.  I thought that I would get some work done before moving on and starting for the day.

I sat down and started to unpack my things.  As I was doing so I overheard the conversation of the people sitting next to me.  A group of people around the same age as me.  Three workers, and as I found out they were also parents.

Super Bugs or Super Sick

The conversation got to how sick one of their children was.  How, at the end of September, them and their families had been ‘hit’ by another bout of flu strain that was going around.  How they had been laid low and at home for two to three weeks trying to recover.  How in their memory from childhood that they were sick for only three to four days.  How now they were on their second set of antibiotics whereas when they were kids they had no antibiotics, just the home remedies given out by their mother.

I sat in the café wondering what has change so much?  Are the bugs getting ‘stronger’ and more resilient?  Are we getting weaker and less resilient? Are we now more reliant on an outside-in approach, such as medication, to keeping us going?  ‘A pill for every ill’, or so to speak.

The people next to me pondered the same thing.

Is it our lifestyle that is doing this to us?  People in health care know that as you increase your stress load (physical, chemical and emotional), our immune system becomes compromised. Yet we rely upon things such as medication and vaccination (which are a chemical stress in themselves) to keep our lifestyle on full throttle rather than listen to our body.

Have we become too reliant upon antibiotics as a first line of defence rather than the tail end?

Have the bacteria taken to Darwin’s Theory of Evolution and become more and more resilient?

One thing that I do know is that people under chiropractic care, including myself and my family, my staff and long-term clients, are rarely struck down like the general public due to these cold and flu barrages. Why? Our immune system, which is governed by the nervous system (neuroimmunology) is operating at its peak. But how?

Chiropractic care on an ongoing basis.

Chiropractic care helps in many ways.  Over the years we have found that Chiropractic care does not just benefit those with back pain and headache.  Chiropractic care helps with a myriad of other conditions, with enhanced immunity being one of them.

One of the big lessons learned is that maintaining a healthy immune system depends upon maintaining a healthy nervous system.  This could be the answer to less days off school, less days off of work and a happier, healthy, vital life.

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