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Stabilise Your Back by Exercising Your Core

Oct 24, 2019

A lack of flexibility or strength in your core can contribute to low back pain.

Strengthening your core muscles can help your endurance, improve your posture, and take the pressure off your low back. Having strong core muscles makes it less likely that you will suffer back pain and can give you better balance. Everything you do in daily life or during a workout will be easier if you have a strong and flexible core. It’s the centre piece of all body movement.

However, there is a catch. Last week I introduced the concept of healing being like a 3 legged stool. That is, you require all three legs to be there in order for the stool to remain upright. So too exercises. If you were to exercise and rehabilitate a joint that was already misaligned or unstable in the first place, you are inevitably reinforcing that poor joint positioning and injury will happen again (ie the stool falls over!). So you need to start and realign the joint with Chatswood Chiropractor. Secondly you need to cease the bad habits that created the malpositioning in the first place, and finally you need to strengthen and rehabilitate the area.

With this all said, for the lower back there are a million ways to work your core. So how can you decide what’s best? Just ask us! We are happy to provide you with some of our favourite core strengthening exercises to fit your activity level and health goals. Some of the most efficient core exercises don’t require any additional equipment, just the desire to improve your health with better strength and flexibility.

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