Turn off the TV

Shut Off Your TV!

Jul 13, 2021

TV was bad for your health before 2021…

If you want to create the perfect storm of immunocompromise, simply turn on the news.

Turn off the TV

The compound effect of the stress-inducing, fatalistic 4-minute news cycle, the blue light emitted by electronic screens interfering with your brain’s production of melatonin and the hormonal impact of staying up too late is a recipe for disaster for your health.

If you are thinking “I don’t watch TV…I get my news on my phone…” Sorry. That’s even worse.

Here’s what the science says:

1) More screen time = less sleep

2) More screen time = sleep difficulties

3) Sleep difficulties = depression

‘… [young] people become “panicky” or “upset” if they are denied constant [digital] access. The youngsters also cannot control the amount of time they spend on the phone. The study warns that such addictions have “serious consequences” for mental health.’ The research, analysed 41 studies involving 42,000 young people in an investigation into “problematic smartphone usage’ (PSU).

The study published in BMC Psychiatry, listed increases in the following clinical outcomes in children and young people as a direct result of PSU:


– Anxiety

– Higher stress

Poorer sleep quality

– Immunocompromise

Stay at home? Shut down businesses? Close churches? Gyms? Hair salons?

Do you want to stay safe?

 Stay healthy. Shut off your TV.

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For more on what reading this may be doing to your sleep tonight, go here…but then go to sleep.

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