reconnect to our world

(re)Connect to Our World

Jul 17, 2018

reconnect to our worldMy daughter Zara has called me a hippie as I have taken off my shoes and walked barefoot on the oval whilst watching her and Hamish play soccer.

I heard a quote by James Chestnut ‘We are wild animals living in a human jungle’ . This I feel is all too true.

Have you noticed that over winter we go into hibernation mode? We rug up, put warm thick shoes and socks on, exercise inside and rarely get in contact with the earth? We innately have a connectivity with our earth ????and are energised by this direct contact with mother nature.

A dis connect has been occurring between us and our world as technology and industry has increased; since we have been developing and changing our environment to suit ourselves for what we perceive to be ‘better’ and more beneficial.

Do yourself a favour. Reconnect. Walk barefoot on natural earth; swim in the ocean. Connect and reenergise. Don’t just leave ‘grounding’ or ‘earthing’ until summer.

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