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Posture, Pain & ‘Tech Neck’

May 21, 2020

A mum came into the practice with her son during the week, wanting help with his posture. She had noticed the detrioration of his posture due to the increased time he spent at devices over the years due to study, plus how he has spent his social time both gaming and on his phone to friends. A triple whammy! He was even using this poor posture whilst exercising. The same exercises that were meant to be helping to change his posture.

This poor computer style posture had become his default.

Believe it or not, this does not only exist in our kids. Many of us spend 2 hours or more per day on our smartphones or tablets. That adds up to hundreds, if not thousands, of hours each year! The position we hold our heads in while using these devices is referred to as “tech neck,” and over the past few years, the pain, discomfort as well as the structural changes associated with these positions has been growing by leaps and bounds.

It’s estimated that tilting your head forward and slouching even slightly can increase the weight of your head on your neck by beteen 3 to 10X (Do the exercise in the video to see how!). This one simple action increases the stress and strain on your neck. Over time, this can result in neck pain, shoulder and back pain, stiffness, dysfunction, headaches, and even arthritis.

Reducing the symptoms of tech neck is more than merely changing the angle of how you look at your phone or changing your workstation set up. By using our ‘3 legged stool’ approach, we are able to help you change the destructive habits and replace them with new positive ones; give specific rebuilding exercises to help restore function; and most importantly make any necessary structural changes by adjusting the spine.

This not only will help to alleviate pain and symptoms, but also reverse the ageing and degenerative process. By reducing the stress on your neck, you can look forward to many years of continuing to enjoy your smart devices!

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