Poor posture

Poor Posture and a ‘Hungry Bum’

Jan 23, 2017

Poor postureI love summer

Maybe not the intense heat of an Australian summer, but the refreshing southerly changes, the sound of the cicadas chirping, the smell of the afternoon thunderstorms onto the hot pavement, the fun around the pool, and of course the beach. The fun of throwing my kids through the surf, looking for crabs on the rock shelf, playing beach cricket, and teaching my kids how to surf.

As a chiropractor there is also another side. I observe a lot of the individuals down at the beach and their posture. Looking for people with postural issues that, if left uncorrected, will and can create long term health issues. Believe it or not, these people are easy to spot. They are the ones with the swimming costume that ‘rides up’ the bottom (a.k.a. the hungry bum), or the ladies whose shoulder strap for the bikini continually slides off of the shoulder.

Yes, you know what I mean. These problems are not a fault of the costume, they are a fault with the wearer. A change in our body, in the way in which it is working, effecting the way in which we wear our clothes.

Going back to what I mentioned earlier, what could be the long term health problems. After all it is just a change in alignment…isn’t it?

If these structural misalignments are left, causing bad posture, then your health can be at risk. Things such as:

could all be part of this poor posture cascade.

Chiropractic care as we practice at Chatswood chiropractor looks to enhance your posture, and your health.

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