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Meditation – I Can’t Do That!

Mar 30, 2021

“I can’t do that” is probably the most common phrase I have heard with regard to meditation.  Or, “I have tried it and found it too hard”.

I can remember learning to windsurf as a teen.  Guess what?

Just like meditation I didn’t get it first go either!

Did I persist?

Yes, you bet I did.  The same with meditation.  The long term benefits of me meditating FAR outweighed the detrimental health effects of me not meditating.

So, just like windsurfing I persisted and eventually it all came together.

Here is my beginner’s guide to get you started. Some tips from me that I found useful.

I found two huge issues when starting to meditate.  The first was the question of ‘how long is this going to take?’  The second was ‘How do I stop, or slow my mind with so much going on between my ears?’

In the video I will take you through these two speed bumps, plus ways in which to meditate in which you can do two activities at once and gain HUGE health benefits.

On health benefits, the research is showing that meditation can help cope with stress.  One thing that I am increasingly seeing in society.  This in turn (because of the physiological mechanisms involved) can help to reduce your anxiety, improve age related memory loss, improve your sleep, decrease blood pressure and help you cope with pain.

Watch the Video and give it a go.  Slow your mind and expand your horizons.

PS Here is a link to the apps mentioned:                   


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