Medication Doesn’t Cure Back Pain

Medication Doesn’t Cure Back Pain (and what to do instead…)

Aug 2, 2016

I was driving around over the past few weeks and noticed that my oil warning light kept going on and off…then on…then off.

I tapped the instrument panel – just like in the old days when I would see dad tap the dashboard to try and change the petrol gauge – but no change.

It just kept going on, then off. Then I drove some more and it went off. It stayed off.

Great, I thought, it’s fixed itself.

But a few days later the light went on again. Man, I thought, this light is on the blink. So I drove to the local service station and told the mechanic what was happening.

He said “no worries, I can fix that. I can stop your oil warning light from flashing on and off.”

He then opened the door to my car, reached under the steering wheel to where the fuses were housed and removed the fuse for the oil warning light. Upon coming out of the car he showed me the fuse that lit up the oil warning light and proudly said, “There you go, your oil warning light won’t go on anymore. I have taken out the fuse that causes that problem.”

Awesome, I thought…and he didn’t even charge me for it.

Boy was I wrong. The awesomeness only lasted for three days.

You will never guess what happened – my car had no oil…and it broke down. Do you know how much it cost to repair my car’s engine due to it seizing? Do you know how inconvenient it was to have no car for me let alone for my wife and for my kids? And then how long it took to repair…all because I didn’t take any notice of the warning signal…the flashing light…

You see, our body sends us signals every day and some of these are warning signals. These can be in the form of headaches, neck ache, back pain, sore joints, digestive disorders, migraine, inability to cope with stress or poor flexibility. All too often we are conditioned to take a pill or some other form of medication to cover up these warning signals.

Much like removing the fuse to the oil warning light.

Over time, the real problem will continue to develop, sending out more warning signals. Yet commonly we will again just mask or numb these signals with more medication, thinking no pain, no problem.

How wrong we are.

Get the problem corrected properly, not just the symptoms covered up. It is our job at Family Chatswood chiropractor to not only decrease your symptoms (body signals), but to also remove the problem and show you ways to stop reproducing the problem.

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