lessons from mouth to mouth

Lessons from Mouth to Mouth

Oct 9, 2018

Since I was a teenager in scouts, through to surf life saving and to this present day as a chiropractor, I have learned first aid.  As a first aider, it is typically what the name implies.  You are first on the scene, you have to think logically and in a systematic fashion.

And yes, I have had to apply my first aid skills.  From the simplicity of a seeing to a young girl who broke her wrist playing netball, to calling in the Westpac Rescue helicopter for a spinal injury whilst ‘on patrol’ at Newport Beach.

lessons from mouth to mouth

Throughout this whole time, I have learned how to save someone’s life if the moment was to arise, what to and how to apply it.  When learning CPR and EAR we are taught, prior to commencing mouth to mouth resuscitation to extend the neck, or to tilt the head back, with care.

Why would we do this?

Quite simply to increase the air flow to the lungs, and hence to increase oxygen supply to the brain to keep us alive.

I am sure that there are most of you also who have done similar courses, or been to the local pool, or the beach and seen the posters as to what to do. Extend the neck and create a nice airway for oxygen to be able to flow.

Simple concept really.  Let’s take that concept to day to day life.

A nice curved neck allows an improved oxygen supply to the lungs, increasing our oxygen capacity, therefore increasing the amount of oxygen going to our brain.  This increases our possibility of life, and our vitality.  On the flip side, as we decrease this, and the air pathway is decreased due to a loss of the neck curve, or let’s say forward head carriage or poor slouched posture, there is a cascade of events that can occur.

Tight achy shoulders that can often feel like cement; tight neck muscles; low back pain; headache; increased blood pressure; poor concentration; depression; shoulder problems; breathing difficulty (such as adult onset asthma); obesity; type 2 diabetes; digestive upsets; muscle wasting; arthritis; jaw problems; impaired cognitive function; higher mortality rates; and the list goes on.

All of this from a decrease in the neck curve.Lessons from Mouth to Mouth

Since starting as a Chiropractor in Chatswood over 20 years ago I have personally seen a dramatic change in the shape of people’s neck, and hence a huge decline in our overall health and vitality.  The cause?  The lifestyle that we lead.  Computers, phones, electronic tablets.  All from an early age.

It is time to become your own lifesavers and save your life.  To keep you cervical (neck) curve look at the lifestyle that you lead:

  1. Make sure that your electronic devices are at a height whereby you are not looking down
  2. Do simple functional exercises as outlined by your Chiropractor to go hand in hand with your Chiropractic adjustments to help restore your cervical curve
  3. Finally, and most importantly, get your spine adjusted to help restore your curve, to reintroduce movement to your neck, and to reignite the nerve supply from your brain to your body helping you to live an epic life.

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