Stress level shock in kids

Kids’ Stress Level Shock – Kids as Young as 5 Self Harm

Mar 6, 2017

It is amazing.

I was in Melbourne over the weekend to attend a seminar that focused on stress.  What should I see in the main Victorian paper but an article on kid’s and stress.  Could this all be set up by the lifestyle that we are now mostly living?

With the birth of our electronic era, kids are plonked in Stress level shock in kidsfront of the television and watch episodes of Dora the Explorer or Thomas the Tank Engine; searching through You Tube or play games on their parents’ phone or tablet.  They are slouching forward,  and as a result, wind up higher neurological areas of the brain leading to a fight or flight response being fired up.  This is pretty much a reaction in which our body is ready to fight or run away from a tiger if it were to appear in front of us. This in turn leads to tightness within the big muscles of the body to ‘fight or run’ and setting in stone neurological habitual patterns.

Add onto this immobility due to sitting infront of a device and the continual stimulation by the ‘blue light’, and the brain is not activating and charging as it should.  A pathway of fight or flight; high adrenaline and sympathetic nervous system dominance is being constantly activated from a young age.  It is as if the child is ready to fight a tiger at any instance.  They are wired; will not sleep well; will not concentrate let alone behave; and will be constantly sick and run down.

Is it any wonder we have a problem?

The cascade of problems that we are creating is immense.  We live in a society genetically incongruent with who we are.  We are akin to caged animals living in a zoo.  They are fast becoming the animals that most commonly will get sick due to the stress of being caged up.

We need to both embrace the changes that technology provides, yet at the same time look at how we can utilize this technology best so as it is not a detriment to us and our race.

Finally – sit up straight!

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