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Is The Way You Sleep Affecting You?

May 17, 2022

So much is said about our ergonomic work and computer set up.  But want about how we sleep?  Your sleep posture and sleep position.

A good night’s sleep is essential for good health and overall wellbeing. A healthy and supported neck can be greatly impacted by a poor night’s sleep. Old or incorrect mattresses; ill fitting pillows; incorrect sleeping positions; bad posture whilst reading in bed, watching TV or your laptop in your bed; and inadequate sleep hygiene can all place unnecessary strain on your neck.  This can lead to a painful and stiff neck and shoulders the next morning.

According to the Sleep Foundation, 1/3 of your life is spent sleeping.

This means that the way you sleep, your sleep position and sleep posture, should help and not hinder your spinal health. Sleeping in awkward positions can not only cause back and neck pain, but can also heighten your stress response, leading to increased fatigue, inflammation, muscle cramping, brain fog and other health issues.

If you are hindered by pain from poor sleep, and neck pain is slowing you down, then consider chiropractor in Chatswood. Following a thorough evaluation, your chiropractor can provide advice on better sleeping positions, postural exercises, supportive mattresses, and ergonomic pillows to ensure you sleep well, you wake rejuvenated, your neck & back does not suffer.

Regular visits to your chiropractor can also aid with sleep hygiene by easing muscle tension that causes restlessness, stimulating circulation and blood flow to both your body and brain, as well as improving central nervous system function.

Chiropractors work in partnership with you to provide appropriate, tailored care as well as lifestyle advice to prevent reoccurrence. Contact us on 9415 4606 if you’re looking to get back to your best self by sleeping better, then why not consider chiropractic to help you to not only get better, but to stay well and to feel alive.


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