Is How You Feel on the 'Poor Posture' Laundry List

Is How You Feel on the ‘Poor Posture’ Laundry List?

Feb 12, 2018

Is How You Feel on the 'Poor Posture' Laundry List

Screen time – let’s face it, it is here to stay…Computers, phones, tablets.  When I was a kid it was just the TV set. We, myself and my two brothers, would come home from school and/or sport, sometimes do our homework, and sit through re runs of shows like ‘I Dream of Jeannie’; “Get Smart’; ‘Gilligan’s Island’; ‘McHales Navy”; or as much as I hate to admit it ‘The Brady Bunch’.   Yep, quality TV viewing.  As we would watch half hour episodes back to back mum and dad would yell out from the kitchen that if we were to watch too much TV we would get square eyes.

I guess not much has changed, not even the TV shows.  However, the amount of time we spend on screens of different types has vastly increased.  This leads to not only a change in blue light (a stressor to our body) that our body has to deal with, but also how we hold, view and use each item.  For some, they seem to juggle two or three apparatus at a time.

I can remember as a newly graduated Chiropractor back in 1996, viewing X-rays of our new clients.  One of the things that I would observe is the curvature in the neck.  Over the years one of my observations is that more and more people are losing their cervical curve.  Is this due to a decrease in ‘tummy time’ (this is how the curve is formed) as an infant, or is it gradually lost, decreased and reversed over time due to our lifestyle?

Loss of curve…what does all of this mean to us and our kids?

Let’s get back to that beige subject of posture.  The ever so boring sit up straight.  With a loss of cervical curvature there will be poor posture.  With poor posture, there will follow lack of oxygen to brain, leading to decreased concentration, poor memory and retention, not to mention anxiety, depression and a decrease in life expectancy.  These seem to be the exciting topic that can light up the beige.

What are the other exciting effects of the beige posture? Headache; migraine; arthritis; jaw problems; bone, disk, ligaments, and muscle degeneration; excess sweating; weakness; incoordination; loss of flexibility; muscle atrophy; increase mortality rates; increase fracture rates; neck pain; back pain; cardiovascular disease; shoulder problems; decreased lung capacity; poor sperm quality; increase risk of injury; poor concentration; depression; slow reaction time; impaired cognitive function; adult onset asthma; diabetes; obesity; stroke; increase cholesterol levels; increase stressful hormones; osteoporosis; poor gut motility and digestion…

The list could go on.  The answer? Get your spine checked and corrected by your Chiropractor…oh and sit up straight!

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