Is Being ‘Clean’ Making You Sick?

Jun 22, 2021

Up until about 200 years ago, there was no such illness as hay fever and no such person as an “allergy sufferer.”As these “Illnesses” appeared it wasn’t amongst the farmers and those living outdoors. It affected the people who had an ‘increased’ standard of living. Those who spent more of their time indoors in ‘cleaner’ environments.

Today, the question that is the basis for much of the latest allergy research is this: Can too much cleanliness actually make someone sick? Or put in a different way – Can some dirt actually be beneficial to one’s immune system?

Being deprived of regular contact with dirt can leave the immune system weak and longing for a job to do. The body then begins to have stronger than normal reactions to cat fur, pollen, or even dust. Substances that generally are not harmful by themselves.

If we don’t use it we lose it. The immune system, as with every other function of the human being, needs to be exercised in order for it to become strong and effective. The tendency for parents to shield their children from their environment and suppress natural bodily responses such as fevers and mucous loss has led to a weakening of their immune systems.

Many recent studies suggest that people in cities are far more likely to develop allergy and asthma symptoms than their rural counterparts. These results have been duplicated in many countries throughout the world. These studies also suggest a more than coincidental correlation between protection from bacteria and a higher incidence of autoimmune diabetes.

Children need to be exposed to all sorts of external stimuli to develop a healthy immune system. Next time you see junior sucking on a rock know that he/she is giving their immune system a training run. Next time baby drops his/her dummy on the carpet, put it in your mouth and suck it before giving it back as you will cover the teat with millions of micro-organisms (many more than would have ‘infected’ the teat on the floor) that will help boost their immune system.

An integral component of a healthy immune response is a healthy spine and nerve system. Our spine houses our central nervous system, which in turn, controls our immune system. If you want a well functioning immune system for yourself and those you love make sure you get checked for subluxations, enjoy playing in the dirt, and be well!

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