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Inflammation – You are What You Eat

Aug 27, 2022

Have you ever heard the expression “you are what you eat”? Reducing inflammation starts on your plate.

Yes, that’s right! The choices you make about what you eat can play a huge role in your body’s hormone balance, immune response and inflammatory state. Each and ever meal that you ingest and digest is an opportunity to turn up, or turn down, inflammation. And with inflammation leading to pain and even chronic lifestyle diseases such as arthritis, cancer, diabetes and autoimmune reactions disease, it’s best to make good decisions now to reduce your risk of health challenges in the future. 

What do you eat?

Creating an anti-inflammatory diet doesn’t mean you need to make massive changes. As a matter of fact, some simple additions in terms of spices can make a big difference. Adding flavourful spices like turmeric, ginger, and even leafy green vegetables, can improve the health and taste of your next meal. 

What does the research say?

Researchers have discovered…

Tumeric has been shown to reduce inflammation in people suffering from painful arthritis

Ginger can limit the production of inflammatory mediators like cytokines 

Leafy green vegetables are high in antioxidants 

The final word

Next time you’re getting ready to cook a meal, see if there is an opportunity to add some anti-inflammatory spices. If you aren’t into food that’s spicy, don’t worry! Spices like turmeric and ginger add more flavour than heat.

Fortunately what we eat can determine our own health status. There are a variety of foods that enable our bodies to work as nature intended. There are various other foods such as garlic, Omega 3 fatty acids, green tea, pepper, cinnamon and rosemary that are hugely beneficial. One final tip is to reduce highly inflammatory foods such as Omega 6 (found in foods such as seeds, seed oils, flour) fatty acids and carbohydrates (like bread and sugars) and increase the amount of green vegetables. These small changes to your meals and diet can pay substantial health dividends down the road! 



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