How to Lower Your Cholesterol without Drugs

How to Lower Your Cholesterol without Drugs

Sep 11, 2018

At the end of a consult earlier this week, a patient (let’s call her Maria) said “oh, by the way, my Cholesterol has dropped down to 4.8”

My response was “That’s fantastic news, what was it before?”How to Lower Your Cholesterol without Drugs

She replied “It was up to 7.2, and my GP wanted me to go onto medication”

I was now listening deeper and curious to know as to what Maria had done.

So, I asked, “What do you think helped it to come down?”

Her reply was straight forward.

“Brett, my cholesterol reading is nothing but a snapshot for a point in time, and what I am going through at that point in time. When the first reading was taken, I had a lot going on in my life. There were intense deadlines for work, not to mention that we were overburdened; my husband and I were in the process of selling our home and moving into a new house; and to top it off my mum had been sick for a prolonged period of time and had passed away a few weeks before the blood test. I was under the pump and obviously stressed. To get the cholesterol down I have done two things. The first was to take a holiday. The second was that no matter how much I had on I knew that I had to keep my Chiropractic appointments to help me cope with all that was going on.”

If you ever want to see a Chiropractor smiling from the heart, it was at that moment. Someone who was empowered to look after their health and understand how their body reacts to their lifestyle.

You see, your cholesterol reading is exactly as Maria described it. It is a snapshot in time. Your Cholesterol can show you how well you are coping with life. In other words, a balance as to what your lifestyle is doing to you, and how you are responding.

Physiology 101 tells us that as you respond to a stressful situation, your blood pressure and your cholesterol, amongst other things, are affected. Your cholesterol will rise to help you to cope with that stressful situation. It is part of our survival mechanism. It will than fall as the stressful situation subsides. This was taught to me at University over 25 years ago and was also taught to the students studying medicine. We need to be able to trust our body and its innate ability to be able to adapt to change.

Remember, your body is smart. It knows what to do and how to do things without you having to think about it. What it does not need is nerve system interference. This will inhibit the sensory and motor responses to how you perceive the stress and how you react to the stress. This leads to an inability to adapt to change, decreases our inborn resilience, disrepair and dis-ease.

Chiropractors are professionals in detecting and removing nerve system interference to allow your body to perform at its peak day in day out. Adding years to your life and life to your years.

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