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Fixing Your Low Pack Pain

Oct 16, 2019

Restrictions and limited mobility of your lower back may be causing your pain. If your low back doesn’t have a full range of motion, then you are setting it up for future injuries. Bending forward and back (flexion/extension), side bending (lateral bend), and turning side to side (rotation) are the three movements that make up a full range of motion. You have to use it, or you’ll lose it. Neglecting your lower back and not actively improving and maintaining a full range of motion can cause restrictions, reconditioning and increase your chance of injury.

The care given in our practice is specifically designed to address both aspects of improving your range of motion, segmental, and global. That means our chiropractic adjustments work the specific joints of your spine that are “stuck” or restricted. We run through what I would term a ‘three legged stool’ approach.

1. Specific Chatswood chiropractor adjustments to help break down scar tissue and provide intersegmental motion 2. The recommendation of at-home stretches, specific exercise, and/or rehabilitation work and 3. Advice on how to break the ‘bad habit’ that created your condition in the first place so as you do not reproduce the underlying condition.

Our practice is focused on helping you decrease pain, improve your mobility, and live a healthier life. The first step is to give us a call and let us help you get back in motion.

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