7 Must Dos to Strengthen Your Immune System

7 Must Dos to Strengthen Your Immune System

Mar 16, 2017

7 Must Dos to Strengthen Your Immune System

I got to reminisce about ‘the good old days’ during the week with one one of my clients.  I broke out a ‘Con the Fruiterer’ voice as we started to talk.  From here the conversation took a turn.

I got to talking about the local shops from where I grew up.  There was a butcher, a pharmacy, bottle shop, laundromat, a ‘European’ delicatessen (before they were trendy), newsagent, and a fruit shop.  You could basically go down the road and do your shopping without having to go to Woolworths or Coles.  Just go from shop to shop.

It was the fruit shop though that we highlighted.  When we went shopping, mum would point out what fruit she wanted and how much.  The ‘fruit man’ would tear off a paper bag; spit on his hand then move the bag around to open it; then without washing his hand nor sanitizing it  would pick out our fruit.  This would happen for all of the items that my mother would choose.

No complaints.  That is how it was done.

The next comment from my client stopped me in my tracks and made me think…

She said “and we didn’t pick up the bugs then like we do now.”

I thought in my head ‘why’.  Why have we become so sick.  Why are we becoming so run down. As technology and innovation increases, we seem to becoming sicker and sicker as a race.

Are we relying too much on an ‘outside-in’ (i.e. relying too much upon outside sources such as medication; vaccination; supplementation) to protect us rather than an inside-out approach (i.e. building ourselves up from the inside to enhance our health)?

It seems that way.  The outside in approach just does not seem to be successful. Ever year there is a bigger, better and more powerful drug, trying to eliminate a bigger, better more powerful flu.  Are we leading to our own demise, battling these microbes?

Maybe things were better back in the good ol’ days!

Here are some of my top tips for developing an inside out approach.

Dr. Brett’s 7 Immune Builders

  1. Get adjusted: There is a direct relationship between the immune system and how it functions, and the nervous system. As Chiropractors, our role is to adjust and correct nerve system interference.  By getting adjusted enhance the performance of your body, help remove stress and enhance your immune system.
  1. Reduce & Remove Stress from Your Life: Do a lifestyle audit. Increased stress, be it physical, chemical and/or emotional, deceases the efficacy of the immune system.  The more stressed you are under, the increased likelihood of falling ill.
  1. Hydrate: Water is used by all of the cells in your body.  You should drink between 25 – 35 ml per kilogram of body weight.  Fresh, filtered water also helps to flush out toxins and rejuvenate your cells.
  1. Eat Right: Decrease, or even better eliminate sugar from your diet. This includes flour products (e.g. bread, pasta, biscuits, cakes) and sugars (white sugar, chocolate bars & candy, soft drinks). A clean whole food diet congruent with what we are genetically designed to eat.  Look to eat from these groups these especially:

Fresh fruits, salads and vegetables – These are the things you should be basing your diet on. They are loaded with nutrients, antioxidants and betakerotines that can help boost the immune system when it needs a little help.

Nuts and seeds – Nuts and seeds are high in immune boosting minerals and antioxidants.

Protein –  Our immune system is made from proteins after all.

Therapeutic teas – There are lots of teas that can help with the immune system, among them are echinacea and green tea.

Eggs –This might sound like an interesting inclusion, and certainly not one found on most immune booster lists, but the truth is that eggs are a rich source of protein and something called astaxanthin.  Astaxanthin is known to have “a laundry list” of physiological effects, including as an antioxidant, anti-cancer, anti-diabetic, and anti-inflammatory

5. Rest: As the saying goes – early to bed, early to rise… Get your required rest. For an adult that is 7 – 8 hours a night on a properly fitted pillow and a supportive mattress and in a dark, ventilated room.  Sleep is when your body is at rest and is able to rejuvenate.  More rest is required the younger you are and the older we are. Remember to have an electronic free period at least ½ hour prior to going to sleep.

  1. Exercise: Regularly – moderate to intense exercise at least 3 times a week. Do what is right for you. However, be able to build up to 80% maximum heart rate. Our body is designed for motion, not stagnancy.
  2. Thoughts: Keep them clear. Influence what you are able to, let go of what you cannot.  Get rid of all ‘stinkin thinkin’.  Our most dominate thoughts will create our destiny.

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