does your body behave like lightning mcqueen

Does Your Body Behave Like Lightning McQueen or Mater?

May 31, 2018

I find it quite amazing the recovery rates of different types of people.  At the beginning of the week I had an established client who had aggravated their lower back.

My thoughts were ‘Uh Oh, this could take a while to repair.’ However, one of the things I have also come to realise that these types of people are what I would like to think of as ‘Lightning McQueen’.

does your body behave like lightning mcqueen

The Lightning McQueens are like finely tuned, high precision machines.  These people look after themselves.  Their diet is pretty good, they do some form of regular movement or exercise, they don’t burn the candle at both ends, and are pretty solid emotionally.  One more thing – they are adjusted regularly so their nervous system is very much in tune with their body.  This allows their body to self-repair and self-regulate at a ‘finely tuned and a high precision level.

Do these people have issues?            Yes

Do these people have stress?            Yes

Do these people spend all day at the gym, eat a paleo diet and sit cross legged meditating for hours on end?                                                       No

These people get adjusted on a regular basis.  By regular I mean (a) a basis that enables the body to repair according to their lifestyle and (b) is determined by the results of their tests, scans and x-rays.

What I have found though is that when these people do injure themselves, and yes this does occur, they repair relatively quickly.  They respond extremely well to the adjustments and are back on their feet in next to no time.  Injuries do not linger.  It truly amazes me the healing capacity of the body when it is in full tune.

The Maters on the other hand…

There is one Chiropractic Principle that I have had to stick by with the Maters.  It is Principle #6, The Principle of Time – There is no process that does not require time.

When clients come in to the office for the very first time, they are often like Mater.  They have lived life through destructive habit patterns that need to be changed.  The reason that people most commonly end up in the office in the first place is as a result of what they have been doing (and their parents had been doing…family habits and traits) for years.

They might have a great diet, they might exercise, and they might get a great night’s sleep, however there is one important item that is not functioning to its fullpotential.  That is the communication pathway between the brain and the body.  These people are subluxated, so no matter how much organic paleo whole food they eat, their body will not fully digest it.  They will often exercise and rather than the exercise benefitting them, it can wear them down.

In order to repair, for these people it does take longer.  Just as it would for Mater.


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