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Do YOU Make This Mistake When Sleeping?

Mar 10, 2021


For some people their head hits the pillow, and they are off to the ‘Land of Nod’ in no time at all.  For others bedtime can be a task.

Uncomfortable bed; ill-fitting pillows; tossing and turning; too hot; too cold; awake counting sheep until all hours. 

In this sleep series we will unpack piece by piece some of the essentials for a great night’s sleep. 

There are essentially three ways to sleep.  On your back, on your side or on your stomach.  Of these positions there are two good and one I would highly NOT recommend.  See the example on video as to what this detrimental position does to the spine! Added to this there are environmental factors that add to a great night’s sleep.

A poor night’s sleep can lead to your body running what can be termed the stress response.  That’s right, a poor night’s sleep can lead to an increase in your stress hormones which in turn will have a negative impact upon the health of your body.  Elevated blood pressure, increased cholesterol, increased blood sugars (eg diabetes), poor concentration, poor memory and retention, infertility, lowered immunity, digestive issues, and pain and inflammation can all occur as a result of lack of sleep or poor sleep. 

Think of the last time you had a poor night sleep and then went to drive your car.  Your reaction time would have been slower, or you might have had to knuckle down and apply yourself more to concentrate (even rolling down the window to blow fresh air onto your face).

Let’s tackle to problem of sleep, and help you improve yours.

These videos and emails can be passed around in the internet world.  Please pass them on to friends and family.  Especially to those who you know can benefit. After all, you never know how far reaching what you think say or do today will affect the lives of those tomorrow.

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