Depression & Suicide

Depression & Suicide – are We Causing and Creating the Problem?

Nov 27, 2017

The Universe works in amazing ways…and is always right.Depression & Suicide

I heard this quote years ago and as much as at times I will fight it, it is amazingly true.

Through practice and through life I come into contact with a vast number of people from very diverse backgrounds.  On two occasions over the past few weeks, it has been the words of two school teachers that have caught my attention.

They both used words that made my ears prick up. These words being ‘suicide watch’.

Kids, with the world at their feet, on suicide watch.  Why?  Those thoughts stayed with me.  My thoughts of the kids, their parents, of their brothers and sisters.  I get it, things happen in life, but one of my mates whom I was talking to yesterday is a school headmaster and he mentioned 12 kids on watch.  Man oh man.

My mind went wild.

Then, on the way to work today I was listening to a podcast.  It was a relatively new Chiropractic podcast put out by Don MacDonald called ‘The Underdog Curse’.  I ran through the people that he had interviewed, and the latest person he had spoken to was Dr. Michael Hall another Chiropractor who has a huge interest in neurology.  I had heard Dr. Hall speak a few years ago and thought that his take on the cut and dry subject of neurology and his ability to dissect it and make it applicable to how we function might trigger some of my grey matter on my journey into work.  Plus, he has such a great way in applying neurology to the day to day.

What he said blew my mind. It got me thinking about the conversations with the school teachers. It got me thinking more and more about society today and the lifestyle that we as a society are leading.  It got me thinking of what we are now passing on to our kids.  He also affirmed a host of my suspicions about what we are doing to ourselves.

His focus was on neurology, but one aspect really caught my ears and my mind. The snippet was on posture.  With a better, stronger posture accompanied by spinal movement it allowed for better development of the frontal lobe of the brain.  This starts from when we are going from crawling to an upright posture.  The spine and the movement that it gets works also as a sensory feedback mechanism to help aid develop our frontal lobe also.

This better development will allow better posture and a better perspective on life.  The inverse is also true.  Poor posture will lead to an increase in depression, poor mood and mental health.  Our large muscles such as those that exist in our legs, spine and buttocks provide sensory stimulation to our brain, so if we sit we lose that sensory stimulation and decrease positive function.


It’s that beige word again – posture.  Is our current lifestyle of electronics creating a monster in itself?  The larger application of computers, laptops, tablets, phones, games and televisions – what is that doing to our kids, rather than running, playing, climbing & kicking a ball.  All neurological based activities.  Will we see an increase in anti depressive medication when the correct prescription could be as simple as movement and better posture?

Time will tell.

PS  I have attached two links (Posture pole/ foam roller; Desk Exercises) for really simple exercises to help combat posture.  These go hand in hand with your Chiropractic Care.  It is great to ‘strengthen’ our muscles to ‘hold’ us better. However, we must level up. Just like reprogramming a computer. There must be a neurological shift, a ‘reboot’ of habitual patterns. This starts with our brain and nervous system and clearing our that neurological communication superhighway with great Chiropractic care .

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