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Combat Stress with this Simple 5 Minute Exercise.

May 27, 2021


Over the past year we have seen a huge amount of stress upon our community. This has been across the board – physical stress, mental/emotional stress; & chemical stress. As patients have been coming through the office, there are though a few things that I have been enthusiastically amazed at.

The first of these is, as we have measured the stress levels (using Heart Rate Variability, EMG, and Thermography) of our longer term clientele, these people have not shown a huge decline in their ability to cope with stress. This is despite there being a greater load of stress being placed upon them. As a matter of fact, a majority of those who have been under long term care actually improved in their stress scores. Amazing!!

The second of these aspects is that those who were able to keep their chiropractic care PLUS took note of and applied the information that we dispersed showed the greatest resilience and biggest benefit. I see part of our role to help you navigate life and everything that it throws at you. A bit like placing a suit of stress deflecting armour on you.

Our Chatswood chiropractor adjustments are our primary tool in helping to fine tune your nervous system and to help you cope with your ever changing environment. Click on the video to view and the DO these 2 simple exercises that you can combine together and do in 5 minutes. They will add to the efficacy of the adjustments to help cope with all that life throws at you.

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