Change This One Thing To Reduce Neck Pain

Nov 16, 2021

Have you ever stopped to think why your neck actually hurts? What could have caused your neck to be stiff and sore? What you could have done over time?

You see, your neck has a tough job.

It has to hold, stabilize, and move the weight of your head… every day… for a lifetime.

Holding up 5 kilos, the approximate weight of your head, may not seem like a lot (check out the video, it’s hard work!), but the 7 bones and 20 muscles of your neck have to work together in perfect harmony to balance that weight so you to move your head around free of pain.

Postural changes, sudden injuries, and arthritis are just a few of the primary causes of neck pain, and that pain can often be traced to a problem with either the muscles, bones, discs, or nerves in your neck.

Why it Matters:

If you’ve ever wondered “why does my neck hurt” and been unable to turn your head for a day or two, you know how life-changing neck pain can be.

The sharp muscle spasms that restrict your ability to move often happen when your body is trying to protect one of the small, delicate spinal joints that isn’t moving correctly.

Almost every bone in your neck has a pair of sliding joints towards the back called facet joints. If those joints become “stuck,” your body will try to compensate. But, if these joints remain like this over time, in pain or not. that compensation can cause a cascade of additional challenges.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Sudden injuries, arthritis, and postural issues can all contribute to neck pain.
  • The small sliding joints of the neck can become “stuck,” leading to muscles spasms and pain.
  • Gentle spinal adjustments combined with changing your bad habits and the introduction of corrective exercises and stretches can help restore proper motion in the joints of the neck and reduce pain.

Next Steps:

Pain in your neck is your body’s way of saying “pay attention”!

Even if your neck pain often eases up by the end of the day, there can remain underlying problems that manifest and snowball over time. Therefore, it’s a smart idea to have our team evaluate how it’s moving and what is actually happening. Afterall, taking pain killers to reduce the pain is just a band aid effect! the pain is gone, yet the problem still remains.

Movement assessments provide us with an incredible amount of information about your body.

By taking a proactive approach to your health today, you may be able to prevent future episodes of neck pain and stiffness.

It all starts with a call. Our doors are open, and we’re here to help!



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