Caesarian Cicada

Caesarian Cicada

Feb 14, 2017

I can distinctly remember the day as a kid that I both helped to give birth to, and subsequently killed a cicada.

I was devastated.  I just thought that I was helping.

On this day, a cicada shell collection day, I had come across a cicada nymph emerging out of its shell.  I was fascinated.  I had never seen a cicada emerging out of its shell, and to this day I never have again.  I watched from every angle at the insects’ birthing process totally amazing.  It was though happening so slowly.  My immediate thoughts were – maybe it needs some help.

So I picked up the shell off the tree with the cicada half emerged and carefully pulled the cicada out.  I was kind and placed the cicada safely back onto the tree and noticed that its wings were still small and crinkled. So I watched and waited for the wings to expand and develop.  I waited, and waited…nothing.  No change.  The wings remained small.

I thought, I’ll come back in a little while and see how he develops.  So, I left my little critter there and after a few hours, came back to see…very little to no change in the wings.  How would this cicada now fly, how could it escape from its predators, what had I done!  I left the cicada there, hoping and praying that the wings would enlarge.

I went to find my little friend early the next morning. He wasn’t there where I had left him.cicada

He was on the ground, half eaten with his small unexpanded wings still attached.  What had I done?  I had interfered with a process that nature had set up hundreds of years before.  The natural birthing of these insects allows sustained pressure to build and be released for wing expansion.

I had not allowed for this process to occur… I had interfered with nature.

The human birth process is one too in which nature dictates, with birth itself being dictated and initiated by the unborn child.  Current research into the application of the artificial (synthetic) hormone Oxytocin (known as Pitocin) to help bring on and speed up labor, has shown to increase the rate of post partum depression and anxiety by between 32 and 36%.  This is contrary to prior beliefs.

By introducing elements that in our educated mind we think can help; these elements by delivering short term assistance can actually hinder.  And potentially harm.

Nature has been in balance for hundreds and thousands of years.  There is a process, a step by step process in the way in things evolve.  Much like we need to crawl before we can walk and walk before we can run.  Each process requires different developmental steps to fully integrate our nervous system.  By skipping a step, we slow down the overall process.  By trying to ‘fast track’ the system because we think that our educated mind is smarter than  (or can outsmart) that of ‘Mother Nature’ we start to create problems.  Problems which will start to manifest the more we interfere.

The Universe and the processes that nature has in play are totally amazing…and is always right. It just needs no interference.

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