beat emotional stress

Beat Emotional Stress this Christmas

Dec 23, 2021

beat emotional stressOver the previous two posts, we have discovered that for most, the Christmas – New Year Period can be the most stressful time of year. With the rate of fatal heart attacks rising 4.2 times, there are some simple lifestyle strategies that you can implement to make it through what should be a joyous time. I have shared tips on tackling both physical and chemical stress.  Today we are going uncover the sleeping giant in the room emotional stress.  

So here are my 6 tips to tackling the emotional stress of this time of year:

  1. Give up on the notion of trying to please everyone this Christmas. Quite frankly, It is an unachievable and totally impossible task.
  2. Remember to be compassionate to yourself. Set realistic expectations about what you can and can’t do. People love to contribute and will value your contribution more if they’ve shared in the work. Delegate, delegate, delegate and you’ll get much more fun, fun, fun.
  3. The myth of the perfect Christmas exists only on social media, the TV or in your dreams. Let go of the fantasy and focus on enjoying the holiday with all its imperfections and likely chaos.
  4.  Lower your expectations. Not everyone will get on. The food might get burnt. People won’t always love their gifts. At the end of the day…it doesn’t matter.
  5.  If you feel overwhelmed with the noise, chatter and steady stream of socialising, take time out and remember to breathe.

Finally number 6. Laugh.  This one activity can lift your soul and light up a room.

What I have run through is just the tip of the iceberg for a host of things that you can do to enjoy this time of year. Focus on the experiences rather than ‘the stuff’. Come Boxing Day, people will not always remember who bought them what, but more so cherish and remember the laughter, the quality time spent together and how you made them feel. 

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