3 Tips to Prevent Injury & Prolong Exercise

Mar 29, 2022

Try these easy to implement injury prevention strategies so as you can get the most out of your exercise and sport regime.  No matter how young or old you are, exercise and movement is an essential ingredient in keeping us healthy. There is though a key to being successful, staying motivated, maintaining consistent beneficial momentum with what you do, plus preventing any form of injury from occurring.

Injuries can often occur when your body doesn’t have the correct balance of strength and flexibility. Muscles tears, sprains and strains, and even painful arthritic changes can flare up by people, for example doing the wrong things.  Things such as lifting too much weight too early;  by not having adequate flexibility; by having an all or nothing approach to training; or by taking on too much too early.

Here are three injury prevention strategies to help you reduce the likelihood of injury and get the most out of your exercise regime:


      1. Take a few minutes to stretch before and after your workout.
      2. Make it easy to succeed.  Start off light – distance or weights – and gradually increase these over the ensuing weeks.
      3. Concentrate on technique and basic skills and drills at the outset.  Use good posture and ergonomics during your workouts. Don’t “cheat” or take short cuts as these will increase your risk of an injury.

Researchers have discovered that a combination of proper warm up/cool down, a full range of motion and progressive intensity training can help reduce injuries when training. One of the most effective ways to improve your spinal mobility and flexibility is through chiro in Chatswood. Adjustments to your spine and extremities have been shown to increase their range of motion and may help you find that perfect balance of strength and flexibility.  Added to this Chiropractic care can help to keep your body in balance and in tune.

To help you get the most out of your chosen sport or exercise  program or if injury is slowing you down from attaining your best click on the link. Make an appointment and find out more as to how Chiropractic can benefit you to get better, to stay well and to feel alive.


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